Jamie Hughes: I can shock Michael van Gerwen at World Grand Prix

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Jamie Hughes believes that he can jolt Michael van Gerwen in the World Grand Prix following a year that owes much to staying in occupation.
As 2019 dawned after he operated at 2018, his big break came – the Englishman sealing his PDC excursion card at Q School in January due to a display. He has not looked back since.
In June, he scooped his eponymous PDC title, beating Stephen Bunting in the Darts Open which ensured him a spot in the World Matchplay. Though he bowed out in the first round in Blackpool, losing he will have taken heart from the victory.
The isnt lacking confidence even though being drawn against the worlds best player in the first round of the Grand Prix of Sunday, heading to his next major.
It is quite a brief format really, initially to two collections, he told The Darts Show Podcast. It is basically like a Pro Tour, you have got to win six legs. Thats the way I am looking at it. Its quite a format. If I can hit the floor runninginto it early hopefully, I could lead to a big upset.
He has no motive to lack belief.
The assurance has ever been there, however, [that the Czech Darts Open title] proved not just to myself but to everyone else just how much of a hazard Im when Im playing well, he continued.
If anything, it included a little more pressure, because theres a little more anticipation. I am likely regarded as a possible winner of Euro Tours now because Ive already won one
Players need to acclimatise to thedouble-in format of the World Grand Prix in Dublin, but the BDO World Championship semi-finalist wont be unsettled by it.
I have played my career in double-in championships, in lower leagues, so I have a lot of expertise, Hughes said.
I dont attempt to do anything else [in training]… I just continue with the exact routines. I am a tiny creature of habit. I like to get into routines that are good, and I feel that is more significant.
You can throw the form book out the window a little bit when you do mix up things. It [the structure ] is different. The players are not likely to be in that respect in shape.
It probably will be easier for spectators to freshen things up a bit, as it will seem to be the identical sort of gamers playing with the TV the entire time, therefore it could freshen it up with a few more upsets though it did spice up things a little.
For Hughes, he will revert to type – . When many players choose to commit full-time to the oche,Yozza has stayed in employment.
As he continues to climb through the rankings staying occupied has worked a deal for him. Playing full-time never suited his match.
I did try this before, about 12 weeks before I switched [to the PDC], he explained. It did not work really, and it had been too much darts. There was not anything really [else]. It had been 24/7. This was a bit overly intensive. Thats the reason why I went back to do the job. I wanted to take my head off the game.
I was placing myself under a lot more pressure since I had been putting a lot more time in, expecting to find far more out. That wont always work like that.
Ive found my match popped up when I began working again. Its one of the kind of balancing acts. You will need to balance it . You will need to give yourself a good rest time in addition to getting the practice in, and of course the matches and travelling.
If you have the balance right, then fantastic. I think the balance is not too bad in the moment.
Hughes knows exactly what works for him, and he has no lack of belief. He will be looking to show exactly what he is capable of in the days in Citywest.
You can hear the Entire interview with Jamie Hughes about the latest episode of The Darts Show Podcast.
Coverage of all seven days in Ireland continues before the final in the Citywest Hotel on Saturday and has expired Sky Sports Arena out of 7pm on Sunday.

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