Jimmer is Free: Best Case Scenario and Worst Case Scenario

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Free at last, free at last ...

Free at last, free at last …

It happened. Jimmer is free.

Jimmer Fredette is now a Chicago Bull. As a BYU alum who grew up idolizing Michael Jordan, you can imagine how I feel about this (especially if you read this blog post of mine). But I’m not alone: Jimmer fans across the globe are celebrating this new development. We all know this is a good thing, but the question now is: What’s next?

What is next? I’m no Nostradamus, but here are my knee-jerk predictions:


Worst Case Scenario:

Jimmer is what he is. Sacramento ruined Jimmer, and the habits (or lack of habits) he acquired there are too much for him to break. His confidence is too far gone. He spent too much time imprisoned. But hey, at least he’s out of Sacramento.
Worst case scenario comp: Brooks (from Shawshank Redemption)


Best Case Scenario:

BYU Jimmer isn’t dead — he was just in hiding. The Bulls are a perfect fit for him because they need his scoring, and he needs their defense. Tom Thibodeau will teach Jimmer how to defend, both individually, and in a team system. Jimmer will use his time at the Bulls to springboard his career in the right direction. Jimmer will get to the playoffs, both this year, and in years to come. And then, despite all that has happened so far in his NBA career, Jimmer will someday reach the promised land.
Best case scenario comp: Chauncey Billups

Look at Chauncey Billups' stats before he found the right fit in Detroit

Look at Chauncey Billups’ stats before he found the right fit in Detroit

Most likely scenario:
Who cares!? He’s out of Sacramento!!!
Most likely scenario comp: The Real Jimmer



Bryson Kearl wrote this post while pouring alcohol-free champagne on himself and crying tears of joy.


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