Jimmer’s First NBA Game (Preseason edition)

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(Editor’s note: The following is an email sent by our art director and NBA enthusiast Tommy Currit.)

I watched the Kings/Warriors game on Saturday. Jimmer went from hesitant at first, to calling for the ball, to finally getting the ball. It was interesting to see how stupidly selfish and just plain stupid Tyreke Evans looked for much of the game. I thought, for a preseason game, Jimmer’s frustration with him was pretty apparent. Scene: Tyreke dribbles up the court to a wing, gets double teamed, and Jimmer is at the top wide open calling for the ball. Tyreke dribbles a bit then launches a horrible off balance long 2 pointer that clangs off the rim, while Jimmer is still clapping his hands for the ball, shaking his head in disbelief. That team is going to be VERY interesting to say the least. BTW, Cousins didn’t even play …

Jimmer’s D looked awful still. Got called for an illegal defense, even I was yelling at the screen, “Jimmer, YOUR ILLEGAL! MOVE!” He cheats to help down low a lot, looking to strip the bigs. He was only on Stephen Curry for a bit, and matched up better with bigger guards, actually, especially when they tried to post him up. He’s strong, and was able to push them out of position when they tried to bump him for better inside position. He is a better post defender then perimeter. Might actually work with that squad because Evan’s perimeter D looked great when he wanted to try.

Takeaway: Jimmer can play ball in the NBA. That was apparent.


Tommy Currit is an Art Director and BYU alum. If Tommy was an NBA player, he would be a mix between Allen Iverson, Gary Payton, and JJ Barea.


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