Moneyball Review

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A few months ago I posted on Why I Was Nervous to See Moneyball. Last week, I saw it.


Plot: A

Baseball Scenes: C — these weren’t anything to write home about, though the implementation of actual footage from the old games was well done.

Brad Pitt: A

Whoever the actor playing David Justice was: D — looked a few years too young, like he was “I-can-pull-Halle-Berry David Justice”

Jonah Hill: A +

Overall thoughts:

This was a strange movie for me to watch because I knew exactly how that A’s season turned out, but I had forgotten some of the details, such as the existence of Carlos Pena. However, I was exceptionally pleased to see Jeremy Giambi portrayed as a villain, as I have never forgiven him for not sliding on that Jeter play:


I was disappointed that while the writers were throwing Giambi under the bus, they didn’t find a way to trash Terrence Long, who is easily my least favorite A of all-time. Apparently, he didn’t fit into the Moneyball mystique. I can’t think of a single positive Terrence Long memory… I only remember things like this: Terrence Long Gunned Down

Overall, I think the film does sabermetrics justice. They were able to capture and explain its value while also putting a face (the young Billy Beane struggling as a prospect) to the problems with traditional scouting. They succeed in humanizing statistics.

The best compliment this movie can get is not that baseball fans should see it. It is that everbody should see it. And they should.


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