NBA Second Round Predictions

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Did you see that round?

Did you see that round?

Here are my thoughts on this year’s First Round in the form of two videos: Here and here (in the second video, the baby symbolizes the First Round).

Indiana vs. Washington (Editor’s note: Bryson wrote this section, as well as the OKC/LAC section, on Sunday, May 4. We promise.)
I didn’t see the Wizards coming. I fully admit it. But I did see the Pacers suck-fest coming. Wow! Those Hawks really weren’t that good. Like, at all. For the Pacers to go seven against that team is just pathetic. The Wizards, in the meantime, look like a cohesive team with valuable assets everywhere you look. I still give them a 0% of winning the title, but when it comes to the Pacers, I feel pretty good.
The Pick: Washington in 6

Miami vs. Brooklyn
The Nets took all four of their regular season games between these two teams, so they can hang their hats on that that. The Nets are also deep, more or less. D-Will has been a total let down, but Shaun Livingston has been great. Between the two, their PG play is just enough to be an advantage over Miami. Beyond that, LeBron and Bosh are obvious advantages for Miami, but D-Wade vs. Joe Johnson might be a wash (unless the real D-Wade is still alive). The Nets are old, but so is Miami. The Heat are battle-tested champions, but so are Pierce and Garnett. All things considered, there are a few reasons to think the Nets have a chance in this series. I just want to be on record as saying that.
The Pick: Miami in 6

San Antonio vs. Portland
I’m also on record that I think the Spurs might be overrated. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get terrified every time I bet against them. And yet, have you seen the Blazers? Damien Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge look good enough to be the first and second best players of a championship team. Period. Maybe not this year, or maybe not next year, but they look the part.
The pick: San Antonio in 7

Oklahoma City vs. Los Angeles
I picked the Thunder to win the title before the playoffs began. I’ll admit I’m far from confident in that decision now, though I’m sticking with it. I also gave the Clippers a 3.2% chance of winning the title. That was a big mistake. This team is better than that. If they can escape this series, they’re my pick to come out of the West. Simple as that.
The pick: OKC in 7


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